Novel Anti-microbial Agent for Preventing Dental Caries


Our invention disclosed new compounds, dihydro-resveratrol or its derivatives that can be used for preventing the formation of biofilm and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  • Novel Anti-microbial Agent for Preventing Dental Caries 0
  • Novel Anti-microbial Agent for Preventing Dental Caries 1
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Some mouthwash products contain chemicals like alcohol and chlorhexidine to help kill bacteria. The use of these chemicals has some potential drawbacks like altered taste sensation and staining of teeth. The new compounds in our invention are non-toxic and natural, so it is safe to be the active ingredients in oral care products.

  • Dihydro-resveratrol or its derivatives have a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria.
Key impact
  • The compounds are cost-effective and very safe to use as they are herbal extracts, which have fewer harmful effects in comparison with those chemical‐based products.
  • As anti-microbial agents


  • US Patent No. US 10,351,500
  • China Patent Publication No. CN 110698328 A
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