Broad Spectrum Anti-viral Peptides


A series of broad spectrum antiviral peptides and composition including therapeutically effective amounts of the antiviral peptides along with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier were developed. The antiviral compositions show a strong broad spectrum antiviral effect without resulting to viral resistance. These antiviral peptides are effective in treating diseases caused by viral infections, particularly respiratory viruses.

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Technical name of innovation
Broad Spectrum Anti-viral Peptides
Commercialisation opportunities
Licensing, collaboration
Problem addressed

Viral infection annually still causes millions of deaths globally. Taking Influenza virus as an example, annually causes over 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness with about 0.25 million deaths globally. In addition, resistance was found in most of current anti-viral drugs so it is essential to develop a new broad spectrum anti-viral drug.

  • The duo function anti-viral peptides provide effective and broad-spectrum of anti-viral effect by blocking viral entry and preventing the viral replication through inhibiting the endosomal acidification
  • The studies indicated that there is low possibility of inducing drug-resistance viruses
  • The metabolic toxicity for the peptides is low and did not induce significant change of body weight in the animal model
Key impact
  • The duo function peptides provide effective and broad-spectrum of anti-viral effect to Influenza A, influenza B and SARS-CoV-2
  • Low possibility of inducing drug-resistance viruses
  • Low metabolic toxicity for these anti-viral peptides in the animal model
  • Broad-spectrum antiviral agent, particular to those pH-dependent viruses such as influenza A, influenza B, SARS-CoV


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