Method and a System for Analyzing Neuropharmacology of a Drug


A drug screening system for analyzing neuropharmacology of a chemical without any prior knowledge by using whole brain activity mapping and machine learning based computational approaches.

  • Method and a System for Analyzing Neuropharmacology of a Drug 0
  • Method and a System for Analyzing Neuropharmacology of a Drug 1
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Drug screening is a method for identifying and verifying pharmaceutical effect of a chemical compound on living species. In general, it is necessary to perform multiple stages of the drug screen process from predicting the effect of an unknown drug to verifying the pharmacology of such drug before allowing the drug to be used as medication for human beings.

  • An automatic system of high throughput generating the brain activity maps in larval zebrafish representing changes of the brain activity under the influence of each of the plurality of known drugs and the chemical compound.
  • The present invention relates to a method and a system for analyzing neuropharmacology of a drug, and particularly, although not exclusively, to a drug screening method that utilizes functional brain physiology phenotypes and computational bioinformatics analysis.
Key impact
  • Discovery of new compounds for treating brain diseses
  • Reposition of current drugs for treating brain diseases
  • Phamacological analysis and prediction without prior chemical or molecular knowledge
  • Drug screening,reposition
  • Pharmacology analysis and prediction


  • US 2020/0077847 A1
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