Novel antibiotic candidates


YnnoMed is a drug R&D company dedicated to addressing the unmet clinical needs of new antimicrobial agents tackling antimicrobial resistance. With the aid of our in-house developed AI-assisted platform for discovering new drugs, our goal is to design, develop, and distribute first-in-class antimicrobial medicines made in Hong Kong. This technology has been licensed by CUHK academic-led start-up Ynno Med Limited.

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Commercialisation opportunities
Problem addressed

By 2050, antimicrobial-resistant infections are projected to cause 10 million deaths worldwide, outracing cancers and burdening healthcare systems across the world. This is further exacerbated by the emergence and spread of multi-drug resistance in bacteria. YnnoMed is therefore developing first-in-class antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria to provide effective antimicrobial therapeutic options to affected patients.

  • By targeting unprecedented targets that are essential for bacterial survival, YnnoMed has developed series of drug pipelines that possess novel targets, structures, as well as new modes-of-action.
  • The use of in-house AI-assisted plateform for rational drug design significantly accelerated the discovery process.
Key impact
  • First-in-class drug candidates that exhibit potent antimicrobial activity against clinically relevant pathogens (including drug-resistant lineages), low cytotoxicity and low chance of resistance development.
  • The use of in-house AI platform shortens time, streamlines processes, and reduces costs and failure rates involved in pre-clinical stages of drug development.
  • Suppress generation of new antimicrobial resistance.
  • Provide drug design and discovery services to industry partners using our AI-assisted drug discovery platform.
  • Winner for Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year 2023 (Category: Science Start-ups) / Falling Walls Venture 2023
  • Bronze Medal at the “The 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva”
  • Champion at CUHK Innovation Day 2022 cum Elevator Pitch Competition
  • “Innovation Award” at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo 2019
  • Novel treatment options for antimicrobial resistance
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