Non-contact, non-radiation device that accurately locates multiple body implants


In paediatric orthopaedic, assessment of 3D spatial changes of implants is needed. This invention “OI-GPS” is a contact- and radiation-free mobile sensing tech precisely visualize 3D location of implants.

  • Non-contact, non-radiation device that accurately locates multiple body implants
Commercialisation opportunities
Problem addressed

Children after spine surgery require frequent examination to monitor the surgery outcome. The common examinaiton used is x-ray which imposes a lot of radiation to the children which may be a hazard to their health.

  • The radiation-free, non-contact measuring device of the present invention can accurately locate multiple screws or implants in a patient's body
  • A system and devices provide accurate localization of orthopedic implants based on magnetic tracking approach (MTA) technology and without radiation.
Key impact
  • Free the children from regular x-ray exposure during clinical follow-up
  • giving surgeons the ability to modify treatment plans in real time during procedures, such as scoliosis correction, in order to enhance treatment effectiveness and improve safety
  • has a wide range of applications in complex fracture correction, intelligent prosthetic limbs, wearable devices and other scenarios
  • The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva: Silver Medals
  • Spine surgery
  • limb lengthening
  • fracture healing
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