Tele-practice Platform System


LSCM developed an IoT sensor infrastructure technology that enables data acquisition from tele-practice devices and provides a platform for integrating different Tele-practice solutions.

  • Tele-practice Platform System 0
  • Tele-practice Platform System 1
  • Tele-practice Platform System 2
Technical name of innovation
Tele-practice Platform System
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
technology licensing agreement
Problem addressed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical and mental healthcare services have been suspended which makes the service users unble to access the needed services in person.  The tele-practice platform is able to connect and collaborate with different tele-practice service providers, NGOs and therapists to deliver the rehabilitation practice services for the people in need.

  • The tele-practice platform system is a cloud-based system. Different system users can access the system through the secured web portal. It is designed to support different kinds of tele-practice solution devices with services available in the market. 
  • The IoT Platform Infrastructure for Tele-practice Applications is able to provide secured centralised user account management service for different user authentication, resources authorisation and data access control. The service users' personal data privacy is complied with guidelines issued by Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data. 
  • The platform will integrate different kinds of vital sign monitoring devices to provide therapists with a more comprehensive assessment and monitoring status of service users.
Key impact
  • Service users can receive care remotely, which is more accessible and convenient than face-to-face care services.
  • Connecting different tele-practice service solution providers for the delivery of rehabilitation services.
  • Provision of service without geographical boundary
  • Bronze medal at Special Edition 2022: Invention Geneva Evaluation Days
  • A collaborative platform for different service providers to deliver their tele-practice services for service users.
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