「AIX」Chest X-ray Screening with AI


Prof. Pheng Ann Heng's team has developed an AI enpowered chest x-ray screening system, by integrating novel artifical intelligence model and technique, the efficiency of large-scale medical imaging processing is improved.

  • 「AIX」Chest X-ray Screening with AI 0
  • 「AIX」Chest X-ray Screening with AI 1
  • 「AIX」Chest X-ray Screening with AI 2
Technical name of innovation
AI-X: Artificial Intelligence for Chest X-ray Analysis: Towards Large-scale Data Screening and Manipulation
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

As effort to support the clinical decision of doctors and radiologists, Prof. Pheng Ann Heng's team has developed an chest x-ray screening system based on AI technology named "AIX" . With the assistance of AI technology, doctors can diagnose faster and more accurate.

  • Capable of automatic analyzing Chest X-rays, including identifying and diagnosing more than ten kinds of diseases, generating bounding boxes and heatmaps to localize suspected lesions, and analyzing organs with cardiothoracic segmentation.
  • Automatic retrieving of similar Chest X-rays or longitudinal data of the same patient for comparing and diagnosing.
  • Providing multiple artificial analysis tools for doctors to make further diagnoses, including lesion axes, angle, and area measurement.
Key impact
  • All analysis are processed through the cloud, and users can enter the product on the web page without preparing high-performance computing chips or processors on the client side.
  • Artificial intelligence assists doctors in diagnosing, which reduces the reading time for doctors and improves diagnosis efficiency.
  • Allowing users to upload Chest X-rays through the web page for initial self-diagnosis.
  • Different computer systems used in the hospitals for reading the Chest X-rays.


  • US patent: US-2022-0067940-A1
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