Neurostimulation System and Method for Modulating Abnormal Motor Movement


CityU developed a real-time hardware programmable gate array (FPGA)-based cerebellum stimulator prototype to detect and restore abnormal gait cycle based on electromyography activities of muscles. Close-loop cerebellum stimulator is triggered only when an abnormal gait cycle is detected to avoid excessive stimulation results in side effects as compared with traditional deep brain stimulation that produces continuous stimulation to patients.

  • Neurostimulation System and Method for Modulating Abnormal Motor Movement
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Problem addressed

Currently used DBS systems are open-loop devices that produce continuous stimulation regardless of fluctuations in the disease state, leading to adverse side effect. It also reduces battery lifetime of stimulators results in increasing the frequency of replacement surgery. Therefore, our designed closed-loop DBS aimed to reverse side effects of continuous stimulation and increase the battery durability of stimulator.

  • Proof of concept design of closed-loop DBS system for ataxia and other motor related disease conditons.
  • The platform has high computational speed within milliseconds in a real-time manner.
Key impact
  • Our prototype is a versatile computational platform used for both direct computational implementation and development of compact low power CMOS chip, an implantable closed loop neuro-prosthetic device. FPGA has high computational speed of completing one second real world activities within milliseconds in a real-time manner.
  • Reduce unnecessary stimulations and side effects 
  • Bronze Medal at Invention Geneva Evaluation Days2022
  • Project was funded by Innovation and technology Commission, Government of HKSAR (ITS/151/17)
  • Optimized DBS parameters can be used to develop implantable microchip devices (FPGA-based) using EMG as stimulation trigger to close the loop for treatment of motor related disease conditions.
  • Reprograming of existing DBS devices for implementing a closed-loop protocol with microchip devices to monitor symptoms in real time. It will benefit patients suffering from SCA, Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), essential tremor, and epilepsy.


  • US patent application no. 16/454,121, filed on 27 Jun 2019 (CityU IDF no. 729)
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