Wearable Full-Auricle Diagnostic and Therapeutic Device


A novel wearable full-auricle healthcare device has been developed for human health status monitoring, diseases diagnosis and bio-stimulation treatment based on bio-signals acquisition and stimulation via personalized three-dimensional (3D) electrodes array.

  • Wearable Full-Auricle Diagnostic and Therapeutic Device 0
  • Wearable Full-Auricle Diagnostic and Therapeutic Device 1
  • Wearable Full-Auricle Diagnostic and Therapeutic Device 2
Technical name of innovation
Wearable Three-dimensional Auricular Multi-point Acquisition, Health Status Monitoring, And Bio-stimulation Device
Research completion
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Problem addressed

Underneath the ear skin there are rich vascular network and sensory nerve branches, hence the developed 3D auricular healthcare device has provided a electronic platform for collecting real-time multi-point auricular bio-signals as a new type of human health indicator by full-auricle bio-sensing and stimulation for the first time.

  • An ultra-curved 3D ear-conformable human-machine interface was built by nano-material additive manufacturing for aull-auricle multi-channel bio-sensing and stimulating.
  • Algorithms for visualizing full-auricle spatiotemporal bio-signals by 3D contour map
  • Personalized design for users
Key impact
  • This technology enables high-density multi-point bio-sensing and stimulating across the entire ear auricles
  • A 3D ear-conformable human-machine interface is built to ensure high repeatability, stability and reliability during bio-signals acquisition
  • This multi-functional platform can simultaneously sense or stimulate multiple real-time physical signals (such as skin impedance, temperature, hydration, pressure, etc.) in auricular skin
  • Easy to wear, can be functionally integrated into headsets
  • Monitor different human physiological changes during daily activities like exercising, sleeping or working
  • Diagnose patient’s health condition with different stages or track therapy effectiveness with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Perform mechanical/electrical auricular treatment
  • Monitor human emotional and mental changes


  • Patent filing number: 17/512,672
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