Ultrafast oscillating blade microtome


We are dedicated to developing ultrafast oscillating blade microtome for precision tissue sectioning. The new microtome enables the precise sectioning of various ultrasoft tissues that are hard to process before. This technology has been licensed by CUHK academic-led start-up Precision Cut Limited.

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Problem addressed

Besides standard biological specimen preparation method, there are emerging tissue processing techniques for better 3D imaging quality. These methods usually soften the processed tissues (versus fixed samples), making them more difficult to be sectioned via conventional microtomes. The development of these new imaging techniques necessitates the development of a new class of microtome to slice ultrasoft tissues or organs into thin sections with high precision.

  • These existing problems can be addressed with better understanding on tissue cutting mechanism and involving design concepts of precision instrument and vibration theory. We proposed the new design to make microtome blade oscilate above 300Hz to fully utilize the viscoelasticity of soft tissue.
  • We developed a active vibration controller to make the new micrtome work above 300 Hz and reject unbalanced vibration force.
Key impact
  • The new microtome that is capable of operating beyond 300 Hz with less than 1 micron parasitic blade motion. This method works because at high operating speed, tissues are self-stiffened due to their viscoelastic property, which results in substantially improved tissue sectioning quality.
  • The new microtome provides top quality in tissue sectioning. The new microtome addresses the critical issues in many emerging imaging and biological applications, such as high-throughput super-resolution imaging and tumor slice drug screening.
  • Gold Medal in 2022 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
  • Second Prize in Start-up Group of The 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Champion of CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition 2022
  • Silver Medal of The 8th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Gold medal in International Invention Fair in the Middle East 2023 (IIFME)
  • The new microtome now enables the automatic sectioning and 3D mapping of a human brain when integrated with microscopic system.
  • During sectioning process, our microtome minimizes cellular damage and maintains high cell viability even at the sectioned surface, which enable new applications such as drug screening based on these in vitro cultured tumor slice.


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