PolyU start-up iMeddy is committed to creating a one-stop "Internet +" platform to make it easier for users to find suitable doctors and medical resources. On the other hand, iMeddy also creates efficient and intelligent patient management tools for doctors, including online appointments and video consultations, to increase the efficiency of doctors' consultation and to break through the distance between consultations.

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Commercialisation opportunities
Problem addressed

Nowadays, the demand for medical care in Hong Kong far exceeds the supply. Hospitals are often full of consultations, especially for chronically ill patients and the elderly. It is very inconvenient and laborious to have long-term follow-up consultations. On the other hand, Hong Kong lacks a transparent and integrated platform to select and book doctors. More importantly, it is difficult for Hong Kong people and mainlanders in the Greater Bay Area to return to Hong Kong to see doctors and receive proper treatment.

  • Video consultation service. We cooperate with more than 300 local private doctors in Hong Kong and local private hospitals to create value for Hong Kong and mainland patients through video consultation and drug delivery services.
  • Online doctor appointment or doctor registration. Users can make online doctor appointments through the iMeddy platform. Users can also create their own electronic medical records on the platform.
Key impact
  • Video consultations can reduce and control the risk of possible bacterial contamination for patients and physicians outside the home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visiting patients through video can establish a wider network of physicians and medical professionals. Through the remote monitoring system, the medical care team can update patient status information in real time and improve the quality of patient care. For patients who are inconvenient to go out or feel very uncomfortable, online consultation is the most convenient way to see a doctor.
  • Users can make online appointments or registrations anywhere, reducing the gathering of queued people in the clinic. After seeing the doctor, users can retrieve their medical records and doctor documents on the platform at any time, such as doctor certificates and sick leave certificates.
  • Health Mall iMeddy's health mall provides a wide range of medical health and wellness products, physical examinations and tests, etc. to meet our customers' needs and help them to become healthier.
  • City I&T Grand Challenge– Innovation Award
  • Internet + Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition – Silver Award
  • Innovative Elite@Qianhai - Award company
  • Qianhai Guangdong - HongKong - Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition - Silver Award
  • Edigest Best SME Award
  • Innovative Entrepreneur Awards
  • Youth Novation 2020 Startup Competition - Second runner-up and rising star award
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