High-Intensity Narrow-Wavelength Light Disinfection


HKUST developed a new light disinfection technology based on asynchronous, intermittent lighting that uses high-intensity, narrow-wavelength light sources for rapid microbial disinfection.

  • High-Intensity Narrow-Wavelength Light Disinfection
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Problem addressed

The technology enables a safe, mobile and rapid surface disinfection with low driving power. The technology is effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms including the drug-resistant infectious microbes.

  • When compared with synchronous light, intermittent light exposure can cause a significant decrease in the inflammatory reaction of the human epidermis, which provides a safe method for hard surface disinfection.
  • A highly bactericidal efficacy system with LED light sources is developed, controlled by a circuit with a programmed microcontroller and a monitor to adjust exposure time, frequency, duty cycle and lighting pattern.
  • Light sources are adjustable in the system with programmable light exposure algorithm, enabling inactivation of microorganisms by targeting multiple cellular sites along different inactivation pathways.
Key impact
  • The technology provides a safe and easy means to allow rapid and automatic disinfection to improve general public hygiene, such as handrails in escalators, touch panels, medical instruments, etc.
  • The technology provides an automatic disinfection method to reduce the manpower required to disinfect large number of instruments
  • Automatic disinfection system can be deployed in many general public environment such as handrails and panels in shopping malls, train stations, schools, households, etc.
  • The disinfection technology can be precisely adjusted to target drug-resistant microorganisms, which can be adopted on-site disinfection in biological safety cabinets, medical instruments, laboratory tools, etc.


  • US 16/843279
  • CN111511409A
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