Dolphin Indoor Positioning System & Smart Hotel GSR Service


PolyU start-up Blue Pin (HK) Limited is offering an effective Indoor Positioning System (IPS) for different venues, with functions including Navigation System, Asset Tracking, Robotics Localization, Footprint Data Analytics etc. They provide one-stop solutions to the clients with low cost and better user experience. With the latest Fusion Algorithm, they can provide quick IPS deployment even for exhibition shows. In addition, they jointly developed a Smart Hotel Guest Services Robot (GSR) with Royal Plaza Hotel.

  • Dolphin Indoor Positioning System & Smart Hotel GSR Service 0
  • Dolphin Indoor Positioning System & Smart Hotel GSR Service 1
  • Dolphin Indoor Positioning System & Smart Hotel GSR Service 2
Technical name of innovation
Dolphin Indoor Positioning System & Smart Hotel Guest Services Robot / GSR
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing, Collaboration for product development, technology development in various application segments; Product distribution
Problem addressed

Blue Pin offers a highly effective positioning service which adopts Indoor Positioning System (IPS) in achieving accuracy within 3 meters, low cost and best user experience.

GSR is a fully automated system to provide unique and innovative self-served Hotel Check-in / Check-out service. To avoid long queuing at hotel lobby, guests can complete the check-in within MINUTES with a simple touch on the screen of the GSR.

  • Indoor Positioning System (IPS)
    The system employs a proprietary Fusion Algorithm (including optimised BLE beacons settings, site planning, multilateral positioning, noise reduction, changing events, special event handling and stabilisation etc.) to provide all aspects of micro positioning solutions.
  • GSR features include:
    Pre-Arrival Registration
    Check-In Service
    Wait-for-room / Key Pick-Up Service
    Check Out Service
    Marketing Promotion
Key impact
  • IPS & GSR
    - Flexibility to provide indoor positioning and check-in service at different location
  • GSR
    - Reducing staff workload & stress level and providing “Room-is-ready” notification to Guest
  • GSR
    - Guests do not have to wait for long queue during peak hour
  • GSR
    - First Oracle OPERA-certified partner in Hong Kong and China offering self-served Check-in / out service
  • Outstanding Smart Hotel Enablement Solution - Small and Medium Business (Tourism / Human Resources / Administration) - Smart Living Partnership Awards 2021
  • Bronze Award - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021 - Smart Mobility (Smart Tourism)
  • Gold Medal - Dolphin - Effective Indoor Positioning Service - 2021 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
  • Silver Medal - IoT Micro-location System (IMS) enabled Guest Services Robot (GSR) - 2021 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
  • Certificate of Merit - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020 Smart Living Award (Smart Lifestyle)
  • “Best of 2018” Award - PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2019
  • Gold Medal - The 71st International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions & New Products (iENA 2019) held in Germany Nuremberg
  • Top 3 Winners Award - Hong Kong X Foundation FYP+ Supporting Scheme 2018-19
  • Mobile Application / Mini Program
  • Robot
  • Laptop Model
  • Kiosk


  • IPS:
    US Patent Application Number 62/912,674
    China Official Patent Application Number 202010858445.9
    Hong Kong Standard Patent Application No. 42021030478.8
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