The Chinese University of Hong Kong developed a software-defined network-coding-based cloud storage system, called nCloud. nCloud adapts the network coding theory on performance-critical operations and emphasizes storage efficiency, performance, and fault tolerance for geo-distributed cloud data centers.

  • nCloud 0
  • nCloud 1
  • nCloud 2
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
contract services, collaborative projects
Problem addressed

In view to address the storage performance and reliability demands in enterprises hyper-scale data storage, the Chinese University of Hong Kong applies the network coding theory to develop the software-defined storage, nCloud. nCloud provides storage-efficient, high performance, and fault-tolerant geo-distributed cloud data center storage, leveraging the hierarchical nature of geo-distributed cloud data centers for reduce cross-data-center data traffic.

  • Achieve storage efficiency via network coding
  • Improve the repair performance of network-coded storage in hierarchical settings
  • Support software-defined storage management
Key impact
  • High storage efficiency
  • High repair performance
  • Security guarantees
  • Scalability for geo-distributed environments
  • The Golden Award in the 1st Greater Bay Area 5G Application and Innovation Challenge
  • Winner of IPHatch Hong Kong 2019
  • Hong Kong Science Park LEAP Program 2020
  • 2021 CAHK STAR Awards - Best Startup Award
  • 2021 CAHK STAR Awards - Best 5G Application
  • 2021 CAHK STAR Awards - Best 5G Connected Arena
  • Hong Kong Cyberport and PwC " - Road to GBA Start-up Challenge" 2021
  • Backup and archival storage
  • Document management
  • Virtual disk management


  • Chinese Patent: CN107395207B
  • Chinese Patent: CN111796966A
  • Chinese Patent: CN110597655A
  • Chinese Patent: CN112152798A
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