Wearable AI Device for Elderly Fall Risk Assessment


Fall risk assessment is used to identify the risk level and risk factors, in order to prevent falls and reduce the chance of injury. Conventional clinical assessments are usually subjective and qualitative. This wearable device could be used to conduct quantitative measurements of balance and those gait parameters to provide comprehensive assessments and recommendations to help prevent elderly fall.

  • Wearable AI Device for Elderly Fall Risk Assessment  0
  • Wearable AI Device for Elderly Fall Risk Assessment  1
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration and partnership for clinical trials
Problem addressed

A comprehensive quantitative analysis is usually conducted in a lab with lots of equipment like high-speed cameras and force platforms. Also, the data collected has to be analysed by professionals. These time-consuming processes are difficult to practically integrate into typical clinic practice. This technology provides a portable device that enables a simple, efficient and affordable approach for fall risk assessment.

  • The device with patented algorithms extracts and quantifies irregularities measured in walking, postural stability/balance, and limb strengths using sensors and a mobile app. These factors are strongly associated to fall vulnerability based on well-established research worldwide.
  • The cloud AI analytics further process the results using reference database of regional specific elders to determine credible risk levels and recommend specific interventions.
Key impact
  • The device can provide comprehensive assessments on fall risk and could provide a more accurate and actionable insight for the elderly.
  • This device with patented technology is simple, fast, and effective. Elderly everywhere can benefit from early awareness and prevention of a serious health risk.
  • Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2021
  • Gold Award at the 2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong
  • It can enhance the services including preventive treatment and exercises, supportive insoles, safer shoes, home environment safety check, etc. provided by a physiotherapist or occupational therapists.
  • This device and its test can be incorporated into fall risk assessment protocols when the elderly was admitted to hospital or care centre.


  • US Patent No. US 10,307,086
  • US Patent No. US 10,327,671
  • China Patent No. ZL 201580009620.4
  • Hong Kong Patent No. HK1230048
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