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The FIRST portable wearable soft robotic hand for daily task training with objects and it uses intention-driven to drive the system to faciliate brain motor relearning

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Technical name of innovation
Intention driven rehabilitation soft hand
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Problem addressed

Break through the limitations of traditional robotic hand, use flexible actuator and 3D printing technology to make the robot more fit the movement of human hand. Soft hand treatment combining the EMG driven by patients themselves, could have better function recovery for upper limb.

  • Flexible actuator with personalized design, more suitable for the movement of human hand for daily task with objects
  • EMG driven by users themselves could increase their initiative and faciliate brain motor relearning
  • Real time monitoring muscle spasticity condition of patients, could let therapists follow up easier.
Key impact
  • Soft elastic material technology can greatly reduce costs and reduce the economic burden of users.
  • Soft and light, for daily task training,
  • Provides finger stiffness and spasticity evaluation to allows patients see the tiny improvement of their hand functions and enhance their confidence. The evaluation also could support therapists to customize the training tasks for patients.
  • Generate precise motion for each finger by adaptive control. This enables the softhand performing complex finger movement control.
  • "Merit Prize, EMEDIC Global 2021 Engineering Medical Innovation Global Competition"
  • Silver Award in the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
  • Third Prize , the 7th "Huangpu Cup" Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Second Prize, the 6th Hong Kong University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition"
  • Silver Award, “ CCB Cup" the 6th China Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Bronze Award , "Aerospace Science and Industry Cup", the 7th "Innovation Youth" Chinese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
  • stroke rehabilitation


  • US 11129766 B2 (granted)
  • CN 201810330819.2 (granted)
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