Intelligent Wearable System for Parkinson’s Disease patients (Easypacer)


Easypacer is a smart wearable system incorporated with sensing insoles, cueing devices, and artificial intelligence that determines occurrence of freezing of gait, one of common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It provides timely cues to patients when freezing of gait appears, preventing falls and reducing risk of injury.

  • Intelligent Wearable System for Parkinson’s Disease patients (Easypacer) 0
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Technical name of innovation
Easypacer for Parkinson’s Disease patients
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Problem addressed

Freezing of gait is one of the most debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This intelligent wearable system detects Parkinson patients’ abnormal gait and posture as an indication of freezing of gait and sets up cues for patients accordingly.

  • A pair of smart insoles integrated with soft pressure sensors, microcontroller, wireless module, power supply. The sensors are sensitive, small, robust and highly durable, with minimized output signal data and low energy consumption 
  • A mobile APP that captures gait signals, detects and records the occurrence of freezing of gait with over 95% accuracy; after that, the mobile APP triggers one of the three external cueing actions: auditory, visual, and somatosensory to patients
  • High endurance of battery life not less than 15 hours and short response time of about 0.5s to set up cues for patients
Key impact
  • Helping patients prevent falls, reducing burden on the care providers, and improving of quality of life for Parkinson patients
  • Conducting trials with Hong Kong Parkinson’s Disease Association to expand the applicability of the product
  • Healthcare product for Parkinson’s Disease patients
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