CDD-2101:a botanical drug for the treatment of constipation-related indications.


CDD-2101 is a botanical drug candidate for the treatment of constipation-related indications. It is in the form of granules for oral use and its formulation is based on the classic Chinese herbal formulation MaZiRenWan. CDD-2101 is developed based on the requirements from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an investigational new drug.

  • CDD-2101:a botanical drug for the treatment of constipation-related indications. 0
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Problem addressed

Patients with constipation typically undergo lifestyle modifications together with pharmacological therapeutics but are often not completely satisfied with their treatments due to efficacy and safety concerns. Most of these therapeutics are for symptom relief only which leave patients with a long-term disease burden. Novel treatments are needed to target the specific underlying cause(s) of constipation.

  • CDD-2101 is a granular form of the classic Chinese herbal formulation MaZiRenWan with high quality control measures that ensure the safety and therapeutic consistency of the drug.
Key impact
  • CDD-2101 has well-documented clinical efficacy and minimal safety concerns.
  • High quality control measures of CDD-2101 pioneers the modernization of Chinese herbal formulation to meet international standards for drug development.
  • An anti-constipation agent for oral use
  • US FDA botanical drug

Funded by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the Hong Kong Government, Centre for Chinese Herbal Medicine Drug Development Limited (the Centre) was established in September 2020, to accelerate the development of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM)-based drugs, and serve as a strategic platform to promote collaborations among local and international researchers, institutions and industry. The Centre aims to achieve the goal by enhancing the quality of pre-clinical and clinical CHM research and transforming the results into pharmaceutical products for international markets. In particular, the Centre develops treatments and cures for diseases such as ulcerative colitis and chronic constipation. It also supports the incubation of new CHM-based pharmaceutical start-ups that will target the global market, and nurtures talent for CHM research in Hong Kong.