3D+AI Smart Machine Vision


PolyU start-up PlusD Technology has developed a novel "Smart 3D Machine Vision" system which uses a state-of-art optical system to non-contact capture precise on-machine / on-line 3D data, providing an efficient and accurate inspection / measurement method for smart manufacturing.

  • 3D+AI Smart Machine Vision 0
  • 3D+AI Smart Machine Vision 1
  • 3D+AI Smart Machine Vision 2
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing, Collaboration for technology development in various application segments
Problem addressed

Addressing the needs of intelligent manufacturing and high-end precision production processes, including but not limited to quantitative 3D dimensional measurement for high precision requirements, intelligent identification for different visual features, and visual positioning and guidance in the field of robotics, etc.

  • Microlens Array (MLA) enables single-lens and single image capture for building 3D structure technology, specializing on processing precise and complex surface topography.
  • Professional algorithm provides 3D dimensional measurement with sub-micron accuracy, tackling the technical performance of acurateness and production volume for microscopic and macroscopic scale.
  • Smart AI algorithms combined with innovative optical systems provide a variety of functions geared toward smart manufacturing, including feature recognition, defect detection, big data production forecasting, etc.
Key impact
  • Single lens, single snapshot, contactless 3D optical measurement solution
  • Online & On-machine Instant 3D accurate Inspection
  • Highly-customized for manufacturing nature, Smart AI defect recognition, preventive indication feature for product line
  • Entire solution as well as all required components are included in an extreme tiny size camera box, provides highly difficult and accurate inspection according to different characteristics of various industrial aspects
  • 2016 CSOE - National Innovation Awards
  • 2015 PolyU Tech Incubation Fund Awarded Company
  • 2018 Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS) Awarded Company
  • Smart Vehicle Engine Bolt Assembling Inspection
  • Semiconductor Chip Wire Bonding Quality Inspection
  • Smart Vehicle Window Glass Sealing Quality Inspection
  • Micro LED Mass Transfer Quality Inspection


  • 三維測量方法與儀器(ZL201410357264.2) Licensing from PolyU in progress
  • A super-resolution automatic vision discrepancy measurement technology (CNIPA Invention)
  • Smart multi-route super-resolution automatic 3D measurement system (CNIPA Invention)
  • A Freeform spatial 3D positioning measurement method (CNIPA Invention)
  • PolyU patent application in progress which will be further licensed
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