Portable Optical Precision Profilometer for Chip-level Metrology Applications


We have developed a low-cost portable optical precision profilometer (POPP) with a compact size of around 30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm. The system is based on a novel common-path quantitative phase microscopy method, which allows to achieve < 1 nm measurement precision and < 10 ms measuremnt time.

  • Portable Optical Precision Profilometer for Chip-level Metrology Applications 0
  • Portable Optical Precision Profilometer for Chip-level Metrology Applications 1
Technical name of innovation
Portable Optical Precision Profilometer (POPP)
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Problem addressed

In recent years, advanced manufacturing and chip fabrication geatly demand for high precision, low-cost and integratable inspection tools. However, there is a large market shortage of such tools. Therefore, we developed portable optical precision profilometer (POPP) and demonstrated its applications for material metrology and chip inspection.

  • The compactness of the POPP system is enabled by a new illumination design and a customized microscopic imaging system.
  • The POPP system uses a novel common-path interferometer to realize real-time imaging amd high precision measurements.
  • We have widely realized profiling of various chip structures, including flexible electronics, 0.5-50 micron particles, microfludic chips,etc.
Key impact
  • The POPP system has achieved a compact dimension, as well as high technical specifications for sample measurements, including: (1)< 1 nm measurement sensitivity; (2) maximum height measurement range of 50 micron; (3) better than 0.5 micron imaging resolution; and (4) switchable field of view.
  • Through collaborations with research labs and companies, we have tested various chip samples and performed analysis, thus demonstrating POPP system's great potential in chip-level metrology applications.
  • "Portable Dynamic Surface profilometer" won the 2nd place (top 6 over 194 teams) in the Hong Kong and Macau Division at the 11th Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition/the 1st Shenzhen Virtual University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
  • Our project won the "New Talent of the Year" in the first MIT Technology Review China Life Science Entrepreneurship Competition.
  • Electronic device characterization, including defective micro-lens detection on image sensors and saw mark and crack detection of sliced chips
  • Characterization of flexible electronics
  • Microscale particle sizing, e.g. >0.5 μm particle sizing on different substrates
  • Biochip characterization,such as microfluidic devices


  • US Non-Provisional Patent Application, Serial No. 16/917,216.
  • China Invention Patent, Application Number: 202010907562.X.
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