Defect detection of plastic injection molding product


In this approach, DDM is exploited in two respective areas. The first one is to leverage computer vision techniques to detect defective products, and the second one is to analyze the manufacturing process parameters to identify root causes leading to defective products.

  • Defect detection of plastic injection molding product 0
  • Defect detection of plastic injection molding product 1
  • Defect detection of plastic injection molding product 2
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
Technology licensing agreement
Problem addressed

There is a need to minimize the production of defective ABS-related products and trace back to the root causes in the manufacturing process parameters.

  • Safety assurance of ABS-related products by detecting the defective products by computer vision with Data-driven Modelling (DDM) approach
Key impact
  • Determination of suitable computer vision method
  • Determination of suitable DDM approach
  • Detection of defective products
  • Plastic Injection Molding products


  • Hong Kong Short Term Patent No. HK30080291
  • Hong Kong Short Term Patent Publication No. 30082979 A

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