Fabric Touch Tester


Fabric Touch Tester measures a range of fabric hand properties such as fabric stiffness/softness, fabric roughness/smoothness, fabric fullness and warmness/coolness to the touch and generates data.

  • Fabric Touch Tester
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Fabric Touch Tester
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Problem addressed

Traditionally, fabric hand properties were assessed subjectively. The absense of a fast and objective quality measurement tool that matches common testing standard has led to additional works in fabric manufacturing. Fabric Touch Tester is a solution for fast measuring of fabric hand and skin properties.

  • Fabric Touch Tester can measure around 20 physical properties of fabric, such as the warmth, cold, comfort level, softness and smoothness, by the use of five sensors.
  • A new measuring method for fabric hand feel based on the sensing mechanism of the nerve endings on the human skin surface. It simulates the feeling of touch of the human body when coming into contact with a piece of fabric.
Key impact
  • Fabric Touch Tester provides accurate and objective measurement data for manufacturers on the product to improve fabric quality and facilitate quality control.
  • The project will contribute to the development of a set of industrial standards for fabric design and manufacturing. It prevents disagreement of subjective argument on fabric touch testing and facilitates communications between clients and manufactuers.
  • Meet the requirement of China's FZ/T01166-2022 "Testile Fabric Touch Determination and Evaluation Method: Multi-Index Integration Method" standard
  • Fabric Touch Tester is developed and optimised with SDL Atlas, a leading supplier of textile testing equipment. The system has been launched in the market.
  • 2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Grand Award of Equipment and Machinery Design
  • Gold Medal with jury's commendation - The 41st International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2013)
  • Fabric Touch Tester provides a quick, user-friendly, scientific and objective way to evaluate subjective hand feel properties.
  • Fabric Touch Tester helps develop a mature industrial standards with objecive measures, as well as a set of guidelines about touch feelings for fabrics.


  • 201210275485.6 (China)
  • 201210275648.0 (China)
  • 201210278839.2 (China)
  • 6,601,457 (USA)
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