Functional Atomized Nano-Coating Technology


NAMI has developed an atomization technology for coating different nanomaterials on various substrates.

  • Functional Atomized Nano-Coating Technology
Commercialisation opportunities
Non-exclusive licensing
Problem addressed

Traditional ways of coating like spraying, dip coating, brushing and rolling always result in a coating layer with thickness of over tens of micrometers and change the appearance of the substrates easily. NAMI’s atomization technology can build a nanolayer of coating that offers superior appearance retention of the underlying substrates.

  • In-situ sol-gel process forms the nano-coating with good adhesion on the substrates and apperance retention of underlying substrates
  • Formulation design controls different coating glassiness from shiny to matt (60° gloss control ranges from 10 to 90 gloss units)
Key impact
  • Ready for batch production
  • Appearance retention of underlying substrates
  • Applicable for various material substrates including metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc.
  • Cost-effective and environmental-friendly
  • Anti-scratch and self-cleaning nano-coating for glass, plastic and wood
  • Anti-corrosion nano-coating for metal
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI)

As a Materials Expert, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) has a strong portfolio of innovative technologies to support and collaborate with the industry, offering frontier-applied research on advanced materials as well as technology transfer for commercialization success.

NAMI, incorporated in 2006, is designated by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong Government as a Research and Development Center for nanotechnology and advanced materials. NAMI undertakes and provides support for market-driven research in nanotechnology and advanced materials, and strives for commercialization of the technologies to benefit the industry and the society at large, as well as re-industrialization to promote the economic growth and sustainability of Hong Kong.