Carbon-Neutral Biochar Partition Block


Prof. Dan Tsang's team has produced application-oriented biochar from yard waste, and they further develop the world's first carbon-neutral biochar partition block with value-added and climate-smart functions based on the revolutionary design mix and customized chemistry. This technology has been commercialised through PolyU academic-led start-up Neutral Crete Limited.

  • Carbon-Neutral Biochar Partition Block
Technical name of innovation
Carbon-Neutral Biochar Partition Block
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration for product development, technology development in various application segments; Product distribution
Problem addressed

The climate-smart carbon-neutral biochar partition block has a high carbon sequestration capacity and various value-added environmental merits, facilitating the realization of carbon neutrality and a global circular economy.

  • Based on their revolutionary design, the climate-smart carbon-neutral biochar partition block is lightweight, robust, thermal-insulating, and noise-reducing.
  • Based on their customized mechanisms, the climate-smart carbon-neutral biochar partition block can regulate humidity and purify air.
Key impact
  • Simple manufacturing process, compatible with existing production line
  • Offer a wide range of environmental benefits and improve the living environment
  • Easy transportation, less air conditioning, and energy saving.
  • Facilitate carbon sequestration and reduce carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality
  • Silver Medal, Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days – Virtual Event.
  • Interior walls of commercial buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Partition wall, non-structural wall, garden wall
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