Solar-Electrocatalytic System for Hydrogen Generation


Novel solar-powered water-splitting platform to produce green hydrogen, combining photovoltaics with a highly efficient and stable dual anode–cathode made of a new 3D porous micro-nano-structured material.

  • Solar-Electrocatalytic System for Hydrogen Generation 0
  • Solar-Electrocatalytic System for Hydrogen Generation 1
  • Solar-Electrocatalytic System for Hydrogen Generation 2
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Problem addressed

Utilization of carbon-rich fossil fuels (e.g., coal, oil, and natural gas) in our society has led to a significant increase in CO2 emissions, resulting in the climate changes due to the ‘‘greenhouse effect’’. Lately, there is a new concept, known as hydrogen economy, which utilizes hydrogen, generated by renewable energies, as high-density energy carriers instead of electricity.

  • Instead of the centralized generation of hydrogen at power plants, hydrogen fuels can be produced on-demand on the spot for the delocalized energy generation by different schemes without using any energy storage technologies, power grid and transportation systems.
  • The hydrogen fuel can be generated on-demand in the local regions when it is needed, while there is no need to have a centralized generation as well as a large-scale storage and transportation of hydrogen fuels.
  • Solar-driven evaporation of seawater to freshwater and solar-driven electrocatalytic hydrogen production from the pre-evaporated seawater, which can enable the large-scale deployment for eco-friendly and low-cost solar-driven hydrogen fuel production from local seawater as an alternative clean energy carrier.
Key impact
  • On-demand generation of large-scale and low-cost hydrogen fuels
  • Multi-functionality and high-performance of micro-nanostructure electrocatalysts
  • Solar-driven (e.g., photovoltaic and photothermal) water splitting
  • 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) - Gold Medal
  • Water splitting
  • Hydrogen fuel generation


  • Patent Application No. 18/183,288 (USA) IDF 1307
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