Liquid Droplet Powered Electricity Generator


a transistor-like liquid droplet powered electricity generator successfully breaks through the research bottleneck of low power density in traditional droplet generators. The proposed generators can produce a maximum power density up to 50.1 watts,increasing the power density and conversion efficiency of the original solid/liquid power generation technology by thousands of times.

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Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

The traditional low-frequency hydrokinetic power generation technology is limited by the interface effect, and its power density and energy conversion efficiency are low.

  • High-density surface can be stored in the Teflon materials owing to its strong electret characteristics.
  • Leveraging on the transistor-like architecture, the surface charges on the Teflon can be efficiently transferes between the electrodes.
  • The hydrophobic Teflon dielectric material enables instant liquid detachment, contributing to continuous power generation.
Key impact
  • The design enables efficient conversion from hydrokinetic energy to electrical energy.
  • The design is simple in preparation and low in cost, and only needs to use common electret materials and metal electrodes.
  • The droplet generator uses green water energy, such as rainwater in the natural environment or fountains in daily life, etc.
  • Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury at the “2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions”
  • The Best Engineering Solution Award in Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards 2020 (CWISA).


  • US Patent: US 11239786B2
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