A 3D reconstruction method for construction sites


We propose a new 3D reconstruction solution for construction sites. Using our self-developed handheld 3D scanner, we can easily and efficiently complete 3D scanning and modeling of the environment, and produce real-time drawings without preliminary site layout or secondary splicing.

  • A 3D reconstruction method for construction sites
Technical name of innovation
A 3D reconstruction method for construction sites
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Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

By holding a 1.5kg 3D scanner and walking around the site, you can immediately get the colorful spatial structure data, which can be used for high-precision remote monitoring, progress management, quality management, and BIM drawing comparison.

  • High-precision scanning on the move
  • Accuracy can be adapted to various needs of construction sites, including progress management, quality management and BIM drawing comparison, etc.
  • Colorful three-dot cloud information can be output directly on the phone
Key impact
  • Scanning tasks can be done handheld
  • Highly efficient image output and real-time display of scan results
  • Millimeter accuracy, Meets most site requirements
  • Can be placed on a variety of chassis to complete mobile scanning tasks
  • Technology Start up Support Scheme for Universities(TSSSU)
  • Ideation Plan
  • Construction sites that require 3D data retention and progress management
  • Provides modular 3D information that can be used for assembled construction plants
  • Provide three-dimensional information on rough housing for the home renovation industry

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