Logistics Process Intelligent System


This is the intelligent system developed by FLAIR for the complicated processes performance evaluation and prediction with (1) bottleneck identification and root-cause analysis, (2) predictive analysis and (3) process monitoring & analysis with performance metric display.

Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

In a globalized world, efficient operations of logistics centres are essential to support the international exchange of goods. However, these facilities are often hindered by bottlenecks occurred on a daily basis, which may be caused by equipment faults, human factors, or design flaws. This is where FLAIR’s Logistics Process Intelligent System comes in, providing a solution which enables conveyor-based logistic centres to identify, predict and prevent bottlenecks.

  • Bottleneck identification and root-cause analysis using statistical analysis and process mining
  • Predictive analysis using graphical neural network for complex system
  • Interactive visualization which provides comprehensive summary of system performance, analysis and prediction result for monitoring
Key impact
  • The System continuously monitors the conveyor system to identify its troubled zones, resulting in increased productivity and revenue
  • The complete data analysis pipeline, involving raw data pre-processing, process mining, bottleneck identification and root cause analysis can be done in all-in-one click
  • Distribution centres
  • Air-cargo terminals

The Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Centre (FLAIR) is established by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) at the Hong Kong Science Park and is part of AIR@InnoHK, which is one of the two world-class research clusters being established by InnoHK Clusters of the HKSAR Government, to support Hong Kong in developing into an international innovation and technology hub.

FLAIR aims to engender synergy and achieve a clustering effect by attracting top-notch local, Mainland and overseas research institutions to engage in research collaboration. It will also actively approach private enterprises and industry associations for consultation and solicit their involvement in FLAIR’s work to ensure its industry orientation in addressing major R&D problems encountered by the industries in AI adoption.

As the sole founder, HKPC works together with RWTH Aachen Campus of Germany, the major collaborator of FLAIR, by bundling their strengths and repertoire of resources in technical expertise, networks, innovation and patents etc. to set up the FLAIR and support its operation.

For more information, please visit FLAIR’s website: https://www.hkflair.org