Artificial Intelligent for Traffic Survey Using Unmanned Aircraft


The artificial intelligence (AI) tools developed by LSCM are able to analyse the traffic flow based on the video clips to classify the vehicle types, track the trajectories,  and determine the in & out times of the vehicles in a specific area. In additon,  the tools calculate pedestrian counts & flow.

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Problem addressed

The traditional way to conduct traffic survey is to deploy workers to the specific areas. However, it may require more resources especially at remote or unreachable areas. The tools can analyse traffic data from the videos captured by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). It can faciliate better allocation of resources.

  • The effective detection height ranges from 50 to 90 meters above the ground with a top view and 45-degree camera angles.  An image stabiliser software component is implemented to reduce the impact of camera vibration caused by strong wind.
  • The AI tools are developed to extract traffic data from video clips captured by the UAS at junctions, interchanges and roads of different configurations with an accuracy of up to 95%.
  • The AI tools provide accurate digital data of a traffic scene and support an one-stop solution to obtain all traffic behaviour parameters.
Key impact
  • The system can be flexibly deployed in remote or unreachable areas for monitoring road conditions, for example, in the aftermath of inclement weather and during large-scale public events when accessibility may be a problem.
  • UAS for traffic survey can provide comprehensive analysis data with less manpower resources.
  • High accuracy of up to 95%
  • Bronze medal at Special Edition 2022: Invention Geneva Evaluation Days
  • Traffic Planning
  • Traffic Survey
  • Vehicle Tracking
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