Trusted Cross-Boundary Cold Food Import Safety Management Platform


ASTRI applies the Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Ledger based Blockchain technologies with smart contracts to automate processes, enforce trusts between stakeholders and provide visibility, accountability and traceability in the food supply ecosystem.

  • Trusted Cross-Boundary Cold Food Import Safety Management Platform 0
  • Trusted Cross-Boundary Cold Food Import Safety Management Platform 1
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing; Technology co-development
Problem addressed

Perishable food has been a challenge for managing food safety. Also, the current workflow involves much manual operation and paperwork processing. There is no mechanism to monitor seal lock status and the temperature compliance of the consignment en-route.

  • Trusted Documents and Workflow by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enables the visibility, accountability and traceability of all issued documents and hand-over processes; And enables process automation using Smart Contract with conditional parameters.
  • Trusted Safety and Quality of Cold Food by Internet of Things (IoT) Technology enhances process automation with the application of e-Lock while adding remote monitoring and control capability with tamper-proof feature; And enables continuous compliance-tracking with e-Logger to continuously track temperatures of the truck container in transit.
  • Trusted Import Control at Checkpoint expedites the workflow by replacing “100% Check” with “Sample Check” through “Pre-screen” of the “Trusted” documents and the compliance data through the DLT technology framework.
Key impact
  • Enhance Efficiency and Safety of Cold Food Import Control
  • Revolute the Cold Food Traceability and Quality Assurance Eco-system.
  • Available for other Trusted Continuous Compliance Tracking Application such as vaccine & medicine
  • Enhance operational efficiency transcribing interviews and reports
  • Compliance tracking applications
  • Real-time monitoring of import goods


US App. No. 17/543,703

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