Radome Assessment and Transmission Test System


The PolyU Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) has developed a device to test the transmission efficiency of radomes. Transmission efficiency is a key performance parameter for radomes as they must be transparent to radar waves to avoid interfering with the radar signals of weather systems.

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  • Radome Assessment and Transmission Test System 1
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration for product development
Problem addressed

Currently, the industry relies on a radar antenna and a large anechoic chamber to test for transmission efficiency after damage to the surface of a radome has been repaired. However, the industry wants a smaller and less expensive test jig.

  • This test jig is the world's first radome transmission efficiency test system that does not rely on a radar antenna, making it a more affordable option for operators. The system is about twice the size of a radome, allowing it to fit in workshops.
  • The system uses two horns in a pitch-and-catch setting, which transmit and receive a signal at 9.5 GHz. The entire surface of the radome is scanned in approximately eight hours, and the results are provided in the industry-required format.
  • The test jig can accommodate several types of radomes from different aircraft manufacturers.
Key impact
  • Compared with the current method of testing radomes, the test jig is highly affordable. It costs about 10% of the price of other test installations available in the market.
  • The system's compact size allows for easy installation in any workshop and makes it easy to move if necessary.
  • The test jig is easy to use, even for operators without knowledge of radar signals.
  • Testing of aircraft radomes
  • Testing of weather radomes
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