Smart Electric Brake Booster


Brake Booster is a key device that increases the force applied from the brake pedal to the master cylinder during vehicle braking. This vacuum-independent, high-performance electric brake booster meets the demand of a modern braking system. It can be used with all drivetrain configurations and is particularly suited to EVs and automated driving vehicles.

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Commercialisation opportunities
Exclusive licensing
Problem addressed

The traditional vacuum booster brake system has the following disadvantages: 

1) The brake system is bulky and noisy, and requires energy to maintain a vacuum status;

2) The motor driven vacuum pump is not suitable to act as the only vacuum source; 

3) Poor pressure build-up dynamics;

4) It cannot provide brake-by-wire function, which is necessary for automated driving vehicles.

  • Compact design with powerful and dynamic performance
  • Full energy recuperation algorithm with deceleration up to 0.25g
  • Smart and safe braking strategy
Key impact
  • Smaller volume and easy installation by omission of vacuum pump and pipes
  • Flexible pedal characteristics adjustable by software
  • Highly dynamic, shortening stopping distances for automatic emergency braking, while enhancing safety
  • Regenerative braking to increase driving range up to 15% and enable brake-by-wire function
  • Pure Electric Vehicle (PEV)
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
  • Automated driving vehicles


  • PRC utility model patent (ZL 2020 2 2293587.3)
  • HK Short Term patent (HK30029267)
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