Efficient, Stable, and ‘Green’ Solar Cell


The breakthrough concerns the use of a new metal-organic framework that not only improves operational stability but also contains the lead that can potentially leak from perovskite solar cells.

  • Efficient, Stable, and ‘Green’ Solar Cell 0
  • Efficient, Stable, and ‘Green’ Solar Cell 1
  • Efficient, Stable, and ‘Green’ Solar Cell 2
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

While it is well known that solar power has registered significant growth as a reliable source of renewable energy in recent years, and that the power conversion efficiency registered for organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite solar cells (PVSCs) is growing higher than that of silicon solar cells, the increased production and use of PVSCs can be harmful to the environment due to lead leakage.

  • The CityU research team has come up with a possible long-term solution. A ground-breaking 2D conjugated metal-organic framework (2D MOF), which involved a year-long experiment, could be applied to modern PVSCs, making way for a commercially viable, large-scale deployment of the technology.
  • The square shape of the current-voltage curve ensures the best possible known fill factor to feature an elevated PCE compared to existing systems
Key impact
  • improved sustainability, good operational stability and enhanced power conversion efficiency (PCE)
  • excellent thermal stability and good performance
  • solar panels
  • buidling integrated PV
  • indoor PV
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