End-fire Complementary Antenna


A novel wideband antenna element suitable for millimeter-wave 5G mobile communications is developed. The antenna has an end-fire radiation and is suitable for mobile devices and base stations.

  • End-fire Complementary Antenna
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

The millimeter-wave 5G bands are operated over a wide bandwidth from 24 GHz to 41 GHz. Mobile devices need antenna arrays with broadside and end-fire radation patterns for communicating with other devices at different directions. Design of wideband and end-fire antennas and arrays are challenging.

  • By employing the complementary antenna concept and using asymmetrical substrate integrated coaxial-like feed line, a wideband and high-gain antenna element is realized on dielectric laminates. The antenna has a compact volume and can be used alone or as the radiator element of an array design.
Key impact
  • Wide bandwidth, high gain and high radiation efficiency
  • High front-to-back ratio
  • Can be integrated with Antenna-in-Package design
  • Mobile communications
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