HK-Zhuhai Trade Facilitation Platform


This information service platform connects industries in Hong Kong with the Zhuhai E-Port for handling import and export trade declaration, as well as supports the industries to explore the markets along the Belt and Road.

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Problem addressed

Trading between different regions often involves complex customs declaration for trade and logistics, and the processing time is long. This platform adopts the latest Al technology and big data analytics to provide platform users with the necessary tools to facilitate their information to deal with customs declaration.

  • The platform system leverages Al and big data analytics technologies to rank and identify a list of suitable HS codes, the associated tax rates and permits required. The users can then select an appropriate HS code conveniently.
  • The platform lets users fill in the information in one language, and the domain-specific translation engine will translate the information into the relevant languages accurately using the specific wordings for customs declaration and trade.
  • The platform establishes a secured data channel for information exchange between Zhuhai E-Port and the authorised companies, handles the conversion and workflow of multiple forms, and streamlines the data preparation for customs declaration in Hong Kong and other regions.
Key impact
  • Facilitate importers, exporters and forwarders in handling trade and logistics between the Mainland and ASEAN markets via Hong Kong, , with the vision of expanding to the Belt and Road market and global market.
  • Overcome the challenges of the complexity when dealing with customs declaration for trade and logistics.
  • Smart Living Partnership Awards 2021 - Outstanding One-stop Trade Facilitation Platform
  • Trade facilitation between the Greater Bay Area and ASEAN Region
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