Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Platform for Drug Development Research


Protein target identification using chemical proteomics approaches

  • Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Platform for Drug Development Research 0
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Problem addressed

Mass-spectrometry based proteomics is a comprehensive approach to study the changes of proteins including their levels, modifications and interactions. However, there are enormous challenges in identification of the molecular targets of therapeutics.

  • The platform provides various chemical proteomics approaches for protein targets identification including activity based profiling, thermal proteome profiling, ProTargetMiner and cysteine profiling.
Key impact
  • Our platforms have been employed to identify and validate the protein targets of drug candidates including synthetic metal complexes and natural products. Identification of the therapeutics targets and the off-targets contributing to the side effects enables optimal design on the drug candidates.
  • Identification of protein targets of bioactive compounds in various disease models.

Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology (LSCCB) is an R&D centre funded by Health@InnoHK progamme of Innovation and Technology Commission of  HKSAR. Established in 2020, LSCCB is operated with tripartite joint collaboration of The University of Hong Kong, Imperial College London and Peking University. LSCCB aims at integrating chemical and biomedical sciences to develop new molecular medicines and diagnostic tools for the treatment and analysis of human diseases, in particular, cancer. LSCCB currently assembles more than 20 principal investigators for 4 major research programmes including (a) Synthetic Chemistry; (b) Chemical Biology of Natural Products and Chinese Medicine; (c) Metal Anticancer Medicine, Diagnostics and Theranostics; and (d) Multi-Omics and Innovative Analytical Technologies for InnoHealth.