Baggage Trolley Availability Monitoring System


LSCM developed the Trolley Availability Monitoring System. It can disseminate updated information of trolley availability status via a mobile application to frontline staff. It helps ensure that sufficient trolleys are available to passengers at the Baggage Reclaim Hall.

  • Baggage Trolley Availability Monitoring System
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Problem addressed

To ensure sufficient number of trolleys are available to the passengers and enhance the quality of passenger services at the Hong Kong International Airport, the Trolley Availability Monitoring System will immediately notify the frontline staff via the Trolleys mobile app when the quantity of trolley in any pick-up points drops below the pre-set level. The real-time quantity intelligence enables the frontline staff to effectively replenish the trolleys.

  • Machine learning-based image object detection system modules for various types of resources such as baggage trolleys.
  • Video processing infrastructure and system using object detection modules.
  • Resources monitoring and management system with mobile notifications
Key impact
  • Through the continuously collected image data, the system applies corresponding machine learning technique and achieves a detection accuracy rate at about 92%. It has also been automatically computing numbers of trolleys over all 18 pick-up points in real time for the entire Baggage Reclaim Hall.
  • The system does not require any equipment installation on any baggage trolley, which saves the corresponding installation procedures as well as long-term maintenance management.
  • Gold Medal at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva in 2018
  • Trolley or asset management
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