Smart Traffic Control System


LSCM developed this low-cost device that can be easily installed and built upon an existing traffic control system and is especially useful in areas where the roads cannot be widened, and that a smart traffic control device is needed to alleviate traffic congestion.

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Problem addressed

Congestion problems often occur in Tai Tam Road (Dam Section) when large vehicles pass through it. Since the dam is a declared monument, widening that section of the road is not allowed. Therefore, LSCM utilises video analytics technology to identify the types of vehicles and analyse the traffic flow to control the traffic lights and shorten the traffic queue.

  • The system uses data from 8 traffic detectors to compute the length of vehicle queues on both sides of the Dam and adjust the duration of green traffic light signals to reduce overall delays in real time.
  • The system can generate detailed traffic reports for enhancing the transportation system in the future.
Key impact
  • Collect real-time traffic flow data of each side of  Tai Tam Road and automatically allocates the optimal duration of green traffic signal to reduce the vehicles’ waiting time.
  • The system has been implemented in Tai Tam Road (Dam Section) since August 2018 and has been proven to be twice as effective as traditional traffic lights in terms of time-saving.
  • Silver medal at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2019
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