High Performance Medium-Range Wireless Charging Technology


Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) has developed a medium-range wireless power transmission technology platform providing a safe and high-performance multi-device charging solution for smart homes.

  • High Performance Medium-Range Wireless Charging Technology
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing; Technology co-development
Problem addressed

As effort to address the constraints of short distance, specific orientation, low charging power, device overheated and only single device supported for conventional wireless charging solutions, ASTRI has developed a wireless power transmission technologies with higher power rating over longer transmission distance for multiple device charging, higher tolerance of misalignment, and is a safer charging solution with reduced overheat problem.

  • High Frequency Magnetic Resonance
  • Automatic Impedance Matching
  • Uniform Magnetic Field Generation
  • High-Efficiency Adaptive ZVS Topology
  • Eliminated Cross-Platform Jamming
Key impact
  • Simultaneous multiple devices charging
  • Longer wireless charging distance
  • Higher power rating
  • Free-position charging
  • Safer charging by reducing overheat problem
  • Smart Home
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sensors


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