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Aspiring to be a leading, research-led, liberal arts University in Asia, Hong Kong Baptist University is committed to conducting world-leading investigations that extends the frontiers of knowledge, tackles global challenges and benefits the community at home and abroad. 

Pursuing research excellence is one of the priorities of the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028. The University keeps enhancing its capacity and strength to produce world-class research with an aim to bring significant impact to the society. 

Strategic Clusters of Strengths

Encompassing HKBU’s research strengths, the University has identified three strategic clusters to enhance the University’s research coherence and foster the alliances of research strengths, thus, delivering impactful knowledge to the community.  These strategic clusters are: Creative Media/Practice, Health and Drug Discovery, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Labs

To organise cross faculty research along the directions of three strategic clusters, the University has formed 6 research Labs to underpin  interdisciplinary and theme-based research, for promoting research excellence and knowledge/technology transfer, and for attracting global collaboration.  These Labs are Augmented Creativity Laboratory; Computational Medicine Laboratory; System Health Laboratory; Smart Society Laboratory; Data Economy Laboratory, and Ethical and Theoretical AI Laboratory


For further information, please visit www.hkbu.edu.hk.