AI China Bond


The AI China Bond Rating Project uniquely combines traditional financial methods of bond rating with cutting-edge machine learning methods and AI-powered algorithm that provides comprehensive valuations for Chinese investment onshore and offshore bonds. The bond rating solution covers credit risk assessments, valuation assessments, and market risk assessments on Chinese bonds with accurate bond investment trend predictions to maximize financial return.

  • AI China Bond
Commercialisation opportunities
The potential of this project can be significant. We have worked with sell-side firms, and we are now working with rating agencies and buy-side firms.
Problem addressed

Lots of work has been undertaken including the followings:

  • Big data gathering and integration, from both traditional and alternative sources.
  • AI empowered model developments and implementations, and the results are surely with merits over the traditional ones.
  • AI enabled methods.
  • Use both traditional and alternative data.
Key impact
  • To provide more effective risk management
  • To help the developments of Chinese firms including issuers, investors and rating agencies
  • To help Hong Kong to maintain as an international financial centre.

The Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies Limited (AIFT) is an innovative technology center cofounded by Columbia University and City University of Hong Kong with the commitments to pioneering research, fostering talents, and commercializing technological applications. AIFT is the only FinTech research lab recognized by the InnoHK Research Cluster of the HKSAR government.

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