Investment Intelligence


AIFT is making a mobile application to bridge the gap between retail investors and Wall Street, by making high-quality data and models accessible to everyone.

  • Investment Intelligence
Technical name of innovation
Investment Intelligence
Commercialisation opportunities
Trading platform
Problem addressed

Retail investors face sevral challenges: access to data is not easy; ability to analize data is not strong; investment is easily affected by emotions; investment is spontaneous and lack of systematic methods; weak awarebess of risk control. Our App focuses on solutions for these obstacles.

  • Market risk monitor: a set of models that capture market sentiment, identify market states and forecast risk levels, warn investors for systematic risks.
  • Stock and portfolio analysis: we monitor each stock from factors perspective, together with chart pattern recognition, for investors to determine which stocks are relatively strong. We also provide many optimized thematic portfolios such as high dividend stocks, etc for investors to capture certain themes in the market.
  • Sector allocation: we provide sector allocation recommendations to investors based on an innovative model that estimates expected sector returns and covariance matrix from fundamental and ecomonic data.
Key impact
  • All of the market risk models are data driven and established certain correlations with future market risk conditions.
  • Stock and portfolio analysis module can gauge future relative performance for stocks, provide accurate portfolio level risk estimation. Enable investors' awareness of portfolio as well as stock level risks.
  • The sector allocation model is based on an innovative research paper recently published by Dr. Gavin Feng on Journal of Econometrics.
  • Mobile application

The Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies Limited (AIFT) is an innovative technology center cofounded by Columbia University and City University of Hong Kong with the commitments to pioneering research, fostering talents, and commercializing technological applications. AIFT is the only FinTech research lab recognized by the InnoHK Research Cluster of the HKSAR government.

With the full support of the HKSAR government, AIFT is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, world-class talents and experienced industry practitioners, which enables AIFT to resolve the contemporary challenges in finance by integrating the modern financial theories with artificial intelligence.