Supply Chain Financing for global eCommerce merchants


China's export B2C e-commerce business is large with a complex value-chain. The merchants are usually small in size, resulting in high cost of acquiring financing. Having a solid research foundation, AIFT aims to work closely with leading institutes and industry partners, to develop application and commercialization ready solutions to enable banks, or alternative lending channels, to provide access of credit for e-commerce merchants at affordable costs.

  • Supply Chain Financing for global eCommerce merchants
Commercialisation opportunities
China's export B2C e-commerce business exceeds 400 billion US dollars and offers enormous opportunities for the Supply Chain Financing Project. In addition to research and development of methods and systems, we have already secured cooperations with key business partners in HK.
Problem addressed

Both the business issue and project’s value proposition are covered in the overview. Technically, it addresses issues in key areas including the followings:

  • Data gathering and integration for various business functions such as compliance and risk management;
  • Risk analytics with methods, measurements and reports acceptable for lenders;
  • System design and implementation covering the full lending cycle and all aspects of lending functions.
  • Four-dimensional data integration and analytics.
  • Data-driven, cutting-edge financial engineering methods for risk measurement and management.
  • AI enabled methods.
Key impact
  • Access: provide access of credit to small and medium size e-commerce merchants.
  • Affordable: highly technology driven end to end digital enterprise solutions with lower costs.

The Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies Limited (AIFT) is an innovative technology center cofounded by Columbia University and City University of Hong Kong with the commitments to pioneering research, fostering talents, and commercializing technological applications. AIFT is the only FinTech research lab recognized by the InnoHK Research Cluster of the HKSAR government.

With the full support of the HKSAR government, AIFT is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, world-class talents and experienced industry practitioners, which enables AIFT to resolve the contemporary challenges in finance by integrating the modern financial theories with artificial intelligence.