Leaky-Wave Antenna


Inset dielectric waveguide, a rectangular groove filled with dielectric, is an effective transmission line owing to its attractive characteristics, such as low propagation loss and ease of fabrication. By simply varying the width of the inset dielectric waveguide, the wave-guiding structure can work as a high-gain leaky-wave antenna for far-field or near-field focusing applications.

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Problem addressed

High-gain antennas based on array antennas and reflector/lens antennas require complex feeding networks or are bulky. Other leaky-wave antennas based on the inset dielectric waveguide are not compatible with the substrate integrated circuit or require multi-layer structures. Our invention features the advantages of low profile, simple feeding mechanism, and inherent frequency beam scanning capability.

  • The proposed substrate integrated inset dielectric waveguide-based leaky-wave antenna can be easily implemented using the standard PCB process and integrated with circuits for microwave and millimeter-wave bands applications. The invention can be implemented at terahertz (THz) frequencies using typical CMOS or similar technologies.
  • Other radiation patterns can be synthesized based on the amplitude modulation scheme we have developed.
Key impact
  • A typical heterodyne transmitter consists of mixers, filters, power dividers, phase shifters, and antenna arrays. These components have been eliminated by extending the invention to a waveguide-driven antenna array with only switches whose on-off states are controlled by software, making it a compelling technology for future wireless devices.
  • Further refinement of the above new invention allows us to control the polarization, amplitude, frequency, beam direction, and phase of the radiation from the antenna with a simple modification of the antenna structure and sequences of the on-off switching.
  • 5G and 6G wireless communications
  • Priority No. 17/358,325
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