Metal-Heterostructure-Metal (MHM) Ultraviolet Photodetectors


The proposed photodetectors, featuring a novel metal-heterostructure-metal (MHM) structure, utilize the AlGaN/GaN heterostructure and the intrinsic polarization field at the heterointerface, where the spontaneous polarization spatially separates the photo-generated electrons and holes and significantly enhances the photoresponsivity of the MHM photodetector at high temperatures. We will develop a novel all-GaN integrated photodetection and amplifying integrated circuits based on this demonstrated MHM structure.

  • Metal-Heterostructure-Metal (MHM) Ultraviolet Photodetectors
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Low photo-response in high-temperature UV sensing for GaN-based photodetectors.

  • MHM photodetectors, having the functionality of intrinsic separation of photo-generated electrons and holes by spontaneous polarization, increasing its photoresponsivity.
Key impact
  • The photoresponsivity increased 3.5 times.
  • MHM photodetector is suitable for high temperature, high frequency UV sensing applications.
  • The photodetector, can be fabricated by a high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMT) compatible process on conventional III-nitride-based heterostructures, features an applicable candidate for an all-GaN integrated UV sensing and amplifying ICs for high-temperature applications.
  • The growing use of UV sensors in wearables will be one of the major UV sensors market trends that will gain traction during the next few years.
  • Automotive UV sensors are majorly used in powertrains to monitor speed, position, pressure, gas, and temperature inside the engine.
  • Unlike IR sensors, UV flame scanners respond more quickly to changes in flame status because they are not subjected to black body radiation and lack the inertial memory of a thermocouple.


  • US Patent Appl. No. US63/174055; China Patent App. No.: 202210038331.9
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