Micro-LED Full Colour Micro-display Technology


An active matrix monolithic micro-LED full-colour microdisplay combining GaN-on-Si epilayers and Quantum Dots photoresist (QDs-PR) colour conversion technology. Based on dual wavelength LED structure, a micro-LEDs array can be monolithically fabricated. To realize full-colour LED micro-display, every 3 sub-pixels will be utilized to form a unit with red, green, blue pixels.

  • Micro-LED Full Colour Micro-display Technology
Commercialisation opportunities
Technology licensing agreement
Problem addressed

The approach of mass transfer is impractical with decreasing yield when subpixel sizes get smaller (<10 μm), seriously hindering its application in near-to-eye displays such like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which may ultimately require subpixels much smaller than 10 μm.

  • Micro-LED array monolithically fabricated
Key impact
  • Fabrication process of the display panel greatly simplified
  • Higher yield
  • Increased throughput
  • Lower cost
  • Application for wearable/portable electronics such like smartphone, smart watch, VR and AR.


  • US Patent Appl. No. US16/408501
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