Smart Street Lighting System


This public lighting system leverages wireless technology to control and monitor lighting points remotely, achieving preventive maintenance and reducing operation costs.

  • Smart Street Lighting System 0
  • Smart Street Lighting System 1
  • Smart Street Lighting System 2
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Problem addressed

There are over 140,000 street lamps spreading across the 2,100-kilometre road network in Hong Kong. Checking of street lamp failures relies on visual inspection by patrolling staff. After upgrading the traditional street lamps with Smart Street Lighting System, operators can manage the lamp switches via mobile phones. Should there be fauly lamps, engineering personnel can be informed through the system to carry out repair work promptly, shortening the stree lamp downtime and ensuring road safety.

  • The system adopts NB-IoT and LoRa technologies as a wireless solution for connecting the lighting points to achieve remote control and monitor purpose.
  • The hybrid wireless solution can reduce the cellular network subricption fee
Key impact
  • Maintenance operator can remotely monitor the street light status, reducing the patrol manpower
  • Shorten the maintenance cycle
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Gold Medal at the “2018 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions”
  • Different models and types of street light


  • Short-term Patent: HK1231322
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