Integrated Smart Inspection and Identification System for Jewellery and Antique


Fast and compact size jewellery inspection system capable of identifying massive number of gemstones with affordable cost.

  • Integrated Smart Inspection and Identification System for Jewellery and Antique
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing ; Technology co-development
Problem addressed
  • Traditional gemstone inspection relies on gemstone testing laboratories.
  • Most of the existing tools for testing are bulky and expensive, and not cost-effective for jewellery vendors to set up in the retail shops.
  • The inspection process usually takes at least a week to  complete.
  • Service charges and labour costs are high.
  • A compact fluorescence analyser is developed to measure the spectrum of the gemstones to differentiate the types of gemstones.
  • 3D images in high resolution are captured, and point-cloud analysis is used to inspect the surface profiles with 1mm spatial accuracy.
  • Synthetic and simulated diamonds can be differentiated.
  • Support wireless connection to view the image on smartphone.
  • Highly portable handheld box which saves space and is easy to carry.
  • Built-in database allows direct comparison and instant authentication.
  • Simple operations; single click to verify the gemstones while updating the database in parallel.
Key impact
  • A cost-effective way to analyse and identify gemstones with one click.
  • Short inspection time; supports samples of all sizes.
  • Non-contact procedures safeguard the completeness of jewellery.
  • Compact and handy design enabling simple installation.
  • Smart jewellery inspection
  • Antique authenticity inspection
  • Quality check for manufacturing


  • US App. No. 16/995,931; CN App No. 202080001797.0 and HK App No. 62021030109.4
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