Nu-Torque™ Yarn


Nu-Torque™ cotton yarns have excellent qualities and high potential to be applied in garment production. This project aims to further develop the technology for mass production of finer Nu-Torque™ cotton yarns for weaving and knitting.

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Technical name of innovation
Finer Nu-Torque™ Cotton Yarn Production
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Problem addressed

Nu-Torque™ cotton yarns have good soft handle and surface appearance, higher yarn tenacity at lower twist levels, lower residual torque and hairiness, and low knitted fabric spirality after washing. They can provide much thinner and lighter fabrics as well as unique wool like softness of fabric. However, the current technology is difficult to manufacture finer yarn counts, even at 30Ne.

  • Enhancement of yarn counts to the target of 30Ne and 40Ne by optimising spinning processing
  • Optimisation of processing parameters for weaving and circular knitting, fabric assessment
  • Optimisation of yarn dyeing and fabric dyeing procedure and parameters
Key impact
  • Yarn production cost: 24-40% increase in productivity because of lower twist level at the same yarn strength; 10% saving as no yarn plying is needed.
  • Energy saving: saving around 337 units (kilowatt hours) of electricity per one ton of yarn produced.
  • Shandong Science and Technology Award (First Class) in the 2012 Shandong Science and Technology Award (2012)
  • Science and Technology Award (First Class) in the 2009 China National Textile and Apparel Council (2009)
  • Textile manufacturing


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